Jens Hatlak

I'm a graduate computer scientist and a science-fiction fan. I like swimming, playing the piano, biking, playing table tennis, driving and golfing. My weblog has not been updated in a while but my homepage is rather up-to-date. My e-mail address is:

Jugendnetz logo I've been member of the Jugendnetz Frankfurt Adminteam, rooted in the Jugendclub Praunheim (JCP), since the end of the 90s. Through my work in the team I also learned, in addition to my knowledge in HTML, much, mostly programming in PHP in connection with MySQL which enabled me to create solutions for many problems by myself (like the Acronyms database and the FASTA parser) and which was also helpful with respect to my job. Because of that I want to thank Christoph "Linux god" Reeg, also member of the admin team, at this point for his support which is open to all who are interested in that, too, in form of a manual: the DSP (Databases, MySQL, PHP, unfortunately only in German). Incidentally I'm the language assistant and co-author of it, following my gift for languages.

SeaMonkey I found another field of activity with the SeaMonkey Project for which I've been running the SeaMonkey Trunk Tracker for the past couple of years. Since the end of 2008 I'm also an active project developer now (nick name: InvisibleSmiley), was significantly involved in the development of version 2.0 and socialized with the other developers. I'm mainly working on the front-end (browser and MailNews) as well as the internal Help pages.

November 12th, 2009